The document conversion helper (DCH) is an assembly that you may integrate into your own applications to add document conversion capabilities to your own applications.

To use the assembly install the document conversion utility DCU onto your machine.

This will install DCH.dll, the helper assembly.

Finally add a reference to DCH.dll in your Visual Studio project.

The assembly itself has a number of dependencies. These must be located in the same directory as DCH.dll when called so add all the other files that get installed in the DCU folder to your project honouring any sub directory structure. These should be set to 'Copy if newer' in visual studio to ensure that they are appropriately added. You can look at the source code for DCU to see how this can be done. Ensure that any shortcuts to the production application also specify the start in directory as the directory containing DCH.dll.

So if, for example, your application was called MyApp.exe.

The application was installed to c:\program files\MyApp

Then DCH.dll should be in c:\program files\MyApp

The dependencies should also be in c:\program files\MyApp

The tesseract data should be in c:\program files\MyApp\tessdata

You can now use the helper successfully.

The example below shows how an existing TIF or Image PDF can be converted to a full text PDF document.


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